Brush Set

After 15 years in the Makeup industry Lyndsey has finally designed her own set of brushes. The 16 piece brush set is next-level for perfecting your makeup look. Featuring everything from a firm blending brush for seamless crease blending, to a teeny tiny detail angle liner brush for a crisp slick of gel eyeliner. Each tool in this brush set precision to take your eye looks to a whole new level.

The set includes
4 x Blending brushes, including one mini tapered Blender
1 x Mini Angled Liner Brush
1 x Setting Brush
1 x Highlighter Brush
1 x Dual ended Brow Brush
1 x Concealer Brush
1 x Flat Brush Defining Brush
1 x Small flat Angled Defining Brush
1 x Mini Detail Brush
2 x Pencil Brushes
2 x Shadow Brushes

*All the brushes are cruelty free and made of Nano Wool Fiber. There is a combination of nanofibers and synthetic fibers. High-tech nanofiber hair has a delicate and soft texture, super smooth touch, good gripping ability, with antibacterial and easy to clean.


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