Lyndsey Harrison The Eye Brush Set
Lyndsey Harrison The Eye Brush Set

Lyndsey Harrison The Eye Brush Set

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Brushes are any artist’s tool to create a masterpiece. This curated set of full-sized eye brushes includes all of Lyndsey’s faves for creating smokey, blended and crisp winged liner. Get ready to blend, buff and bake the under eye, not to mention the essential brush to perfect your winged liner. This set also includes a brush to give you the on trend brushed up brow.

The eye set includes
4 x Blending brushes, including one mini tapered Blender
1 x Mini Angled Liner Brush
1 x Setting Brush
1 x Highlighter Brush
1 x Dual ended Brow Brush
1 x Concealer Brush
1 x Flat Defining Brush
1 x Small Angled Defining Brush
1 x Mini Detail Brush
2 x Pencil Brushes
2 x Shadow Brushes

*All the brushes are cruelty free and made of Nano Wool Fiber. There is a combination of nanofibers and synthetic fibers. High-tech nanofiber hair has a delicate and soft texture, super smooth touch, good gripping ability, with antibacterial and easy to clean.

- Blending Brushes
This popular blending powerhouse has a round brush head, perfect for seamless transitions, there’s 4 in this collection in slightly different sizes to help get into the eye socket and a smaller tapered, perfect for under eye blending.

-Mini Angled Liner Brush
This is the brush to perfect your liner, the shape helps you get the winged liner you dreamed of with ease, it’s not too big or too small it’s just perfect.

-Dual Ended Brow Brush
The perfect brush for your brows yet. This has a firm angled brush one end and a spoolie on the other to comb your brows up and into position.

-Highlighter Brush
A curved tapered brush, for a light dusting of highlight in just the right spot. The size sits perfectly on your cheek bones.

-Concealer Brush
This is the size you need to draw your concealer straight down the side of your nose and under your eye, cleaning up any mess from your blending and giving you the crisp light under eye everyone looks for.

-Flat Defining Brush
Flat shaped to define the eyes, a signature brush of Lyndsey’s to define the lower lashes.

-Small Angled Defining Brush
Another key brush for creating detail under the eye.

-Mini Detail Brush
This firm but fluffy brush, is how you get the smouldering under eye without dragging the product to low, also a key brush to diffuse a winded liner.

-Pencil Brush
Pencil brushes have multiple uses, they create cut crease looks and they are key for highlighting your tear duct. The absolute must have brush.

-Shadow Brush
There’s two shadow brushes, 1 is firm for painting on cream shadows and one is fluffy designed to press the eye shadow powder onto the eye and secure it in place. The perfect combo.