Make Up course

*Due to COVID I have cancelled all courses for 2020. Please get it touch as I have launched online tuition. 


Make up Course format:
  • Live Demonstration Lyndsey is a highly requested London based makeup artist; not only does she have passion for make-up and her profession but she provides an amazing platform for aspiring makeup artists hoping to learn or boost their careers. She is the go-to makeup artist to numerous celebrities and offers a second-to-none aftercare programme. Secret tips being revealed!   
  • Aftercare Programme This fantastic aftercare program offers great assisting opportunities which present an insight into the celebrity world of daily photo shoots, adverts and campaigns. Many of those who have taken Lyndsey's course have gone on to work with celebrities with her recommendation and are thriving in their careers.    
  • Complimentary Goody Bag As Lyndsey is continuously using new and exciting beauty products, she has a brilliant understanding of the brands and pieces that really work for her.   For each course, Lyndsey carefully selects the right products that will help each student to create their own professional makeup kit. These items are included in your goody bag. To keep up with fleeting trends, Lyndsey will change the items in the goody bags.   
  • Hands on practical work, cosmetic theory and Industry & Social Media Management