Magic Mat

Magic Mat

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The ‘Magic Mat’ is a Brush Cleaning and innovative brush cleaning tool designed to thoroughly clean your favourite makeup brushes.

Featuring seven different textures, the mat is designed to wash both eye and face brushes. The smaller textures are for smaller brushes, designed to get even stubborn eye liner off your brushes.

Uniquely developed to fit most sinks, the mat features suction cups underneath for secure placement. Lyndsey has used several mats for cleaning and finds this the best way to clean her brushes. This means you can have some water in the base of the sink and position your mat on the side of the sink. It’s also made from such a flexible silicone that is also fits in your hand, if you prefer to wash your brushes that way!
Brushes should be cleaned after every use in a professional environment and at home for personal use. Lyndsey recommends once a week.

There is a video on Lyndsey’s Instagram to watch a full demonstration.


L =  22cm

W= 17cm