1 Hour Online Lesson

1 Hour Online Lesson

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My 121’s have been incredibly popular. For years I’ve always held lessons in my studio or academy in London. I wanted to offer a service whilst in lock down and it’s been very successful so I’ll continue to offer this moving forward.

Before the lesson, I find out what you want to learn so I can prepare for your lesson. Don’t worry if you don’t have much make up, it’s impossible to advise what to buy prior to the lesson, I will decipher what you need as I speak to you and see your face and learn about your skin type and time frame for your daily make up routine, going out make up or advanced make up for professionals.
I will send you a product list of all the key products I use and recommend after the lesson. Some people have a second lesson once they have brought their new products, this is optional.
On the lesson you will need
⁃ Your make up all of it! Don’t worry if there isn’t much that’s what I’m here to advise on.
⁃ Pen and paper to write down the steps to new make up routine and any specific products I recommend for you.
⁃ Your brushes (clean) and a make up sponge. (I like Real Techniques Miracle Sponge)
⁃ Your make up bag in full including moisturiser
⁃ Set your phone up on a window sill near natural light with a mirror next to it

I will guide you through every step of your make up in detail. You will be surprised at how small changes make a big difference. Starting with skin prep and working with the products you have already teaching you how to use them, advising you on any missing products that will help you and any brushes that you may need to achieve the look. I will demonstrate the look on my face and then you follow, I’ll watch you do it and help you with your techniques.

I have helped people who have almost no make up and want to learn a simple everyday make up, to make up artists who want to do an advanced look. The hour is yours! And tailored to you, this will and has given people more confidence and helped them get use out of make up that has been sat in their drawers for years, wasted purchases now have a new lease of life.

Once purchased, Lyndsey will be in touch to confirm and schedule a time/date.